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I Didn't Stop, Just a Long Pause

I wanted a clean slate, and I wanted to do things better this time around for my blog. Of course, I wanted to use the same platform because it was free, I love to save money. Though, I couldn’t short myself any longer. I have to invest in myself, it’s time to grow up. I finally feel it’s not rushed like my old website, it looks refreshing. With all this to say, this year, and at a new age of 25, I want to approach things with a bigger mindset. When you have a bigger mindset, you can see things bigger. My old blog site I kept it small, and didn’t see it as something bigger than it can be. This time around it’s about going for the prize rather than minimizing my abilities. My creativity is what got me here, and I think a lot of us creatives short ourselves sometimes, and I can no longer do that to myself. I had to realize it was time to re-brand, and nothing minor, but do something major. Typing this blog has helped me get in the groove of things such as writing, which is my passion. I haven’t written anything since school, accept journaling. If any writer knows, they know what I mean, it simply feels good.

Also, something new for me is being a recent graduate of Oakland University with a B.A in Communication; it actually has been bittersweet for me. This new life has been very refreshing, but a tiny bit stressful, because the ADULT LIFE is real! At this point I have been job searching, and trying to get back in the game. To be real it’s scary stepping out in the world. I crossed one bridge to graduate, but now I am crossing another. Being my age it’s tough feeling like you should have more together, when, in actuality we are still figuring out the ropes of life. Since crossing the stage my willpower was high, and confidence was on level 100, now, I have self doubted myself, and feel my abilities aren’t enough for these jobs. Over the course of being in quarantine I have been in deep prayer about my mindset, my endurance, and my willpower. God has been molding me and shaping me into this woman that’s in full transformation. Let me tell you, God had to push me to finish creating this website, it’s something I've been wanting to complete, and own the name. This is something you can’t be lazy about, and this is what was happening to me. I am human and have my shortcomings, but God said, “faith without works is dead!” I got up and finished this website, and while having a job thank God during this quarantine, I am still pursuing my career. I have no time to give up now.

So here is MYTWENTYVISION.COM....Welcome!

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Congrats on the new site and graduating. Can’t wait to see more post and watch you grow creatively. 💕 remember, you got this! Take chances and follow your heart.

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