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Are you ready to be Vulnerable? Strip, Let go, Release It

About a week or so ago on my Instagram I talked with Jason Laws on #thesafespace about vulnerability, and we had a great in depth conversation about what it means, and to the experiences we had. To catch the full interview go to IG @letsfletch to watch part 1 and 2, Here’s a preview of the interview below. He definitely was vulnerable in this space. Please go follow @iamthesafespace

My own perception of vulnerability is how I express through this platform blogging. To be vulnerable is a scary process, because it’s sharing privacy, and you probably have put up a wall that you never wanted to be broken down. We hold so much in, we never let it out, and that’s not good. It’s not good people!!! It definitely is tough to open up, and to even let someone in, but when you are ready it will come at ease. Being vulnerable helped me strip away extra skin I had stuck on me, and it is a freeing feeling. I started writing thoughts in my journal, it was a place I put all emotion, and that can be your first place to begin your process. Try opening up possibly to a close friend, and that’s what I started to do, now I am at a point to find a therapist. All this to say, it is about starting in small steps, such as first becoming comfortable to be open, and then unraveling bit by bit. I am still becoming actually uncomfortable with being comfortable sharing things on my blog. Though, I choose to have this space to share, it is created to feel you are not alone in a situation, and I am here for anyone who wants to talk, the reason I placed a chat button below. Though, it is only if you feel comfortable to do so.

I feel it is necessary to express, and even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing with a person, it’s other resources. Definitely you have options, such as journaling, visually expressing through photography, and painting. I notice people are getting into painting to put what’s happing in their mind on a canvas, which I am interested in for sure. Lastly, as people, and especially in the black community need to see the importance of vulnerability, it is not to be weak, it is to strengthen you, and finding a therapist is OKAY!

So. Here’s the steps to becoming Vulnerable:

1. Find a journal, write out what you feel, the things you can’t seem to say out loud.

2. Talk to a confidential person, a close friend who can give you wisdom. You should TRUST them.

3. Find an outlet to express, to become open. NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

4. Try to find a professional source to talk to such as a therapist, pastor, or life coach.

Talking with my cousin Jason, he suggested a phenomenal author Brené Brown who speaks about vulnerability heavily. Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” is one of her best selling books I will be purchasing soon, and if you’d like, you can purchase it too.

I wanted to share the quote below because by reading her excerpt from her book and quotes she is very insightful.

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